Beth has been cooking for our retreats for the last 7 years and she is by far the most extraordinary cook we have ever worked with.  Not only is her food exquisite, healthy and delicious, it is imbued with so much Love and Presence that all the participants mention it. Beth brings an atmosphere of comforting warmth and gentle peace to her kitchen which contributes immensely to the retreat environment. Food is an important aspect of a retreat and I feels so fortunate that we have Beth cooking for us.  Her food and presence nourish our hearts and souls as well as our bodies.

-Vajra Matusow, Director, Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts

Beth was hired to cook nutritional meals for our family. We have received so much more than I would have ever imagined! Her cooking is delicious, creative and low fat. Her awareness of organic products and nutritional information has influenced our family. Our habits around food are becoming much healthier and environmentally correct. I share her creations with my coworkers who are also amazed. Her service has made takeout food unnecessary and even unappealing. I love coming home to the beautifully prepared food waiting for us in the refrigerator. What a great service for an active, working family!

— Deanne, San Rafael, California

The class with Beth was informative, engaging, and fun. Our group worked together to create wonderful dishes under the guidance of our knowledgeable chef. We learned about the whole process from selecting produce, prepping and cooking, to serving and cleaning up. Sitting down to our creations was a joy and the food was flavorful and healthy. Beth brings grace and warmth to her cooking and teaching. She is a delight!
— Coleen LeDrew-Elgin

Nothing beats having a fridge full of tasty, fresh and healthy treats cooked up by Beth. But what I really love is her energetic presence in the house and the unbelievably delicious smell that fill the house while she cooks. If I had to choose between heaven and Beth’s cooking smells, I would take the latter. I could be wrong but if I’m right, ummmmmmmmmmmm boy!
— Michael Cooke Mill Valley

Beth was a gift to me in so many ways. First, I have never been very fond of cooking and the idea of having a personal chef seemed like just a fantasy. However, when I decided to make this dream come true, I found that I not only saved money, but I also ate much more healthy food. I lost a significant amount of weight and have kept it off because my metabolism has changed. Beth came to my home every other week and fixed about two to three dishes with anywhere from four to six servings. That meant that I had some wonderful dishes to share with folks that I care about. I also helped her find some new receipes and became interested in personally preparing them myself – amazing!! To say that my experience was terrific would be to sell it short – it was truly life altering. I have moved to another state or I would still be treating myself to the love that Beth brings to the preparation of her blessed meals. — Bev Clarke