Consciously prepared meals is the natural evolution of a lifetime spent enjoying healthy foods. Originally influenced by a mother who cooked great meals from scratch, Beth began to explore the art of cooking well and eating healthfully during the early 1970’s.

“I am so grateful for the habits I began to cultivate during my 20’s. Choosing less refined foods and reading ingredient labels were very important to me from the beginning. Developing a love for fruits and vegetables, particularly for how they tasted when in season and just picked, was another significant influence upon my meal planning. Over the years, these have become staples of my kitchen.”

Many years ago Beth began cooking in retreat settings. This soon led to assuming the Kitchen Manager position at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California.  18 years later, she continues to practice meditation and work there as a retreats manager.

“Over 35 years ago I experienced the benefits of practicing meditation, specifically a Buddhist technique called Vipassana. Concurrently, I discovered Iyengar’s style of Hatha Yoga. It was a perfect marriage for me and the two have been an integral part of my life ever since. Bringing awareness and presence to this moment and my place in it-physically, mentally and emotionally, creates an energetic presence that is palpable. Applied to the practice of cooking, this energy naturally infuses the food as well. Combined with in-season freshness and organic ingredients, you can’t beat the taste!

Beth is also an author. Her first publication a writing journal with a meditative theme, can be found here.

A life practice of becoming more aware of this human mystery: Body, Mind and Spirit are all part of the ingredients for consciously prepared cuisine. Beginning within her own family and expanding to cooking for literally thousands over the years, Beth has come full circle by bringing her love and delight at creating healthful, nutritious food right into your own home and kitchen.

“I believe the peace, calmness and intention I practice-whether in the kitchen or in my daily life radiates out and affects not only those around me, but the Planet as well. This is my way of deeply honoring this Planet and all that live upon it.

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